Bridgewell supports food entrepreneurs at all stages of their growth by providing supply chain and logistics support, quality assurance, product R&D, brand development, marketing services, and financial services.

Prospective partners include new and established food entrepreneurs seeking access to the infrastructure of an established company committed to supporting their creative and innovative food ideas. A successful partnership enables entrepreneurs to sharply focus their ideas while reducing financial risk, decreasing cost-to-market, and reducing time-to-market.

A partnership with Bridgewell means your company receives guidance and support from an established company with well-established resources and time-tested expertise in global food and agricultural markets. Our expertise includes:

  • Centralized supply chain, including access to an extensive network of supply and customer relationships
  • Financial support, including an asset-backed line of credit, buying leverage, inventory management, and more
  • Food safety and quality assurance, with a full-time team dedicated to regulatory and food-safety compliance and Organic and Non-GMO certifications
  • Product R&D, including material sourcing and product testing
  • Brand development for everything from label design to packaging and e-commerce
  • Marketing services for web development and support, as well as presentation materials

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