Food Ingredient Spotlight:

Brown Rice Syrup – Plant-Based Liquid Sweetener

Bridgewell Agribusiness is a long-trusted global, wholesale supplier of quality sweeteners like brown rice syrup – a plant-based liquid sweetener.

Where others see problems, Bridgewell sees solutions.  With years of experience in scoping, sourcing, pricing, co-packing, logistics, mitigating supply issues, consultation, and more, we have the expertise you can count on in today’s market.

We source, manufacture, and distribute a large and evolving inventory of food ingredients for manufacturing; and are a seasoned supply chain partner. Utilizing worldwide sourcing capabilities, our wholesale offerings include organic, non-GMO, and conventional food ingredients. Specializing in truckload and pallet quantities of edible oils; gluten-free flours and ingredients; nuts, seeds and dried fruits as well as beans.

Brown Rice Syrup Circle

Brown Rice Syrup

With a honey-like consistency, brown rice syrup is produced by using an enzymatic treatment of premium brown rice using sustainable ingredients.

Our brown rice syrup is a light-tasting sugar substitute that is allergen-free, low in calories and comes in various levels of sweetness (ranging from lower sweetness levels of 20DE – higher 70DE). Coloring is adjustable based on application and ranges from clear to dark brown.

Brown rice syrup is generally cheaper than alternative sweeteners.  We are seeing a current trend in popularity amongst food and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

If you do not already have a specification to discuss, look to Bridgewell Agribusiness to assist with formulations and coordinating the appropriate color and DE Level for your needs.


Brown rice syrup can be used as a liquid sweetener, low glycemic index sweetener, flavor neutral sweetener or as an alternative for any liquid sweetener.

Baby Food

Baked Goods

Bars: Energy, Granola, Protein









  • Allergen free
  • Digestible
  • Fructose free
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Low glycemic index
  • Non-GMO
  • Plant based – made from Brown Rice
  • Suitable for Vegan diets

While we have a standard formulation range, we work with our clients to customize a specification (color, DE, glucose, etc) that meets the needs of the product they are manufacturing.

Here are the most frequently asked about formulations:

At Bridgewell, everything we do begins and ends with quality assurance and food safety. Our highest priority is that all products and practices connected to the Bridgewell name stand up to the strictest standards. Bridgewell’s SQF certification applies to our Clackamas, Oregon facility, but encompasses our full program for all operations in and outside of that facility.  We have designed our activities around compliance with all regulatory agencies.

Our Brown Rice Syrup is available with these certifications depending on what formulation you need and/or purchase:


With warehousing facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

Bridgewell prides itself on providing supply-chain management for securing, scoping and pricing; logistical flexibility and service; and on-going consultation to guarantee lead times and arrival – all at competitive pricing.

Offerings:  Organic & conventional brown rice syrup options

Shelf Life:  Typically 18 months from manufacture, if follow storage recommendations

Availability: DE42 & DE60 in stock. Other formulations to meet specific manufacturing needs accommodated

MOQ:  One Pallet

Lead Time:  Dependent on location and formulation. Contact sales manager for further information.