Bridgewell Agriculture

Our experienced team sources the finest quality natural and organic fertilizers, soil amendments and bulk seeds and grains from around the world.

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Bridgewell Food Products

We supply conventional, organic and non-GMO product lines for specialty food manufacturers, foodservice distributors, restaurants, meat and seafood processors and retailers.

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Why Bridgewell Agribusiness?

Exceeding expectations with import/export expertise

Bridgewell Agribusiness works closely with its customers to clearly identify what products they need sourced and with what product specifications.  Regardless if its edible oils, grains, seeds, flours, pulses, fertilizers, minerals or soil amendments, we see to it that all requirements are met!   Bridgewell Agribusiness knows having a highly efficient logistics and supply chain management operation in place is integral to meeting delivery schedules and maintaining overall quality control of shipments.    And because we know what’s at stake for our customers, we will invest the time and energy to see a situation through to a satisfying conclusion.  Our track record is proof positive that that we are well prepared to meet all specifications of our customers.